Onion Coin
Tokenomics for the Tomato Coin (TMT)
  • Name: FarmersOnly's Onion Coin
  • Symbol: ONION
  • Decimals: 18
  • Chain: Avalanche
  • Initial supply: 150 ONION
  • Max supply: 14,444 ONION
  • Emission rate: 0.0035/second (0.007 at start and til the first King dies, see Double Trouble Boost)
  • Emission rate at 0.00175/second after 7000 ONION are minted
  • Dev wallet will be minted 1/10th of supply. The primary use of these emissions will be to fund beneficial programs the generate a net positive ROI for the community, such as partnerships and dividends on future layers. If positive investments can not be found, these tokens will be burned.
  • A majority of fees are planned to create liquidity for the project in conjunction with the 1/10th emissions, in order to create large amounts of LP to secure liquidity for the token. [deposit fees page for specifics]
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