Layered Launch
3 swap tokens will be created, to swap into 48 of the 150 initial ONION tokens.

Each swap token will be launched with an initial liquidity of 5% of the total supply of the swap token. In total 5k assets will be paired with the swap token. This will be added as a reserve to ensure a minimum price. With 100 swap tokens swapping into 1 ONION, with the minimum price of the swap token being ~3$, or ~300$ per ONION. Starting with a lower liquidity allows smaller buyers to buy tokens first. Since a large whale would pump the price massively and over pay for ONION tokens, at the start spending 5k would only gain 40-50 swap tokens, making the effective price of each onion token 10k. This will be our antibot/antiwhale system, still allowing both to purchase tokens in mass quantities but gaining diminishing returns when doing so. Every 30-60 minutes, supply of the swap token will be sold into the market, decreasing prices and increasing the amount of swap tokens on the market, allowing larger sized orders to be placed, back at launch price. This will be repeated until all the swap tokens are in the market or in users wallets. 3 swap tokens will be deployed to cover each time zone (romeFOS, tokyoFOS, denverFOS). Funds generated from this system will be made into a dividend in the pre-farm, so Onion Coin has massive yield through the pre-farm duration, minimizing sell pressure and allowing for maximum token price.
  • romeFOS will be buyable on TraderJoe on Nov 15, 8PM UTC
  • denverFOS will be buyable on TraderJoe on Nov 15, 8PM UTC-8 (Nov 16, 4AM UTC)
  • tokyoFOS will be buyable on TraderJoe on Nov 16, 8PM UTC+8 (Nov 16, 12PM UTC)

In order to further incentivize initial deposits at launch for the most hype possible, for the first king rotation emissions will be doubled for the juiciest APRs possible to feed the buyback and LP generating deposit fee structure. No apes will be able to resist such an incentive.
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