King's Ransom
The official FarmersOnly L3 DeFi game!

We will add 6 LP Pools for ONION, and each pool will take a turn on a 6 hour timer at a majority share of total emissions. During the time a Pool is taking its turn on the timer, that Pool is called King. After the timer reaches zero, the next Pool becomes King and its multiplier increases, arriving to receive around 30% of all newly minted tokens, a larger share of emissions than any other pool. This number will increase up to 90% of all emissions incrementally.

The timer for this share of emissions stops when the USD value of ONION deposits in the Save The King vote pool is greater than the sum of the USD values of TMT and CORN deposits in the Kill The King vote pools. This means people, especially those who deposited in the current King Pool, may deposit ONION tokens in to stop the timer on the King rotation. Meaning tokens have to be staked instead of sold, reducing sell pressure in the market, in order for the current King Pool to continue receiving emissions. This is important for all pools, as well as non-native depositors to fund this pool and hold up price, because the share of emissions to non native pools decreases each King rotation.

If the sum of the USD values of TMT and CORN deposits in the Kill The King vote pools is greater than the USD value of ONION deposits in the Save The King vote pool, the timer will start ticking until it reaches zero, at which point the next Pool will receive a majority share of emissions with the % of total emissions delegated to the Pool increasing each time the timer runs out. This insures, price will be held up by those receiving the inflationary rewards. In addition there will be a 20% withdrawal fee on each King Pool (dead or alive), and all dead King Pools will receive nearly 0 rewards. Those who are in a dead King Pool, will eventually be rotated back to after the next 5 Kings are killed: the withdrawal fee is optional. However, those who are impatient may choose to withdraw and pay the fee. 50% of this fee, so 10% of withdrawals, will be locked and used as base liquidity for the future FarmersOnly DEX. The other half of this fee will be broken down into ONION plus the paired asset. Meaning 5% of withdrawals will be ONION tokens, which will be paid as a dividend to CORN and TMT, adding incentive to Kill The King if the current King is crashing ONION price. The other asset will be made into a dividend for ONION, helping restore the price after an irresponsible King has fallen out of power. These dividends will last for the duration of L3, with APR based on how much reward tokens the dividend has in it, meaning yield will increase over time for all tokens through the duration. The more active the governance of emissions becomes, the greater the rate of yield will increase.
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